Our Story

   Candles created for warming your heart   

La TimpaHome  creates intention candles  handmade with  100% Soy natural Wax. They are decorated with Natural Chrystal Gemstones and dried Flowers. The properties of the Chrystal are to provide energy healing and energetic positive vibrations. Intentional Candles are made to facilitate healing for the mind, body and spirit. Soy Wax burns clean with no toxins or pollutants that may cause allergies. They symbolize the five natural elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit. Light your candle and send your intention into the flame. Close with words of gratitude and positive affirmation. Intention Candles are a great way to get clear about you want to bring in your life.  Our first line of products are our signature line of home fragrances and candles that we have developed using premium quality materials and vegan soy wax, these fragrances and candles will light up any room with an abundance of aromas to make your space more tranquil and beautiful. Since 2018, we have done more than refine an old tradition.